Version released 10/13/2016

  1. BugFix: On the Options Form, Company Info Tab, the "State" field was incorrectly anchored to the right side of the form.
  2. BugFix: Malformed links would cause the links grid not to display and could also cause a crash.
  3. BugFix: If there was more than one cc email address, emails could not be sent.
  4. BugFix: With non-default tab orders the wrong tab could be displayed
  5. Enhancement: Add Yes/No and Pass/Fail options to the group boxes on the Record and Receive thus providing a clearer idea of what is being selected.


Version released 05/12/2016

  1. BugFix:  Find Form filtering remained after Find Form was closed.
  2. BugFix:  Custom label field selections were not being saved.
  3. BugFix:  Last Label run was not being save in the registry .
  4. BugFix:  Date Due was not being printed on Equipment Label
  5. BugFix:  Under certain circumstances the flags on the main form were not displaying correctly.
  6. BugFix:  Fixed duplicated field in the Item History Report.
  7. Enhancement:  Optimized Auditing function to improve application responsiveness when using large data sets.
  8. Enhancement:  If the option to Delete is enabled, do not enable the delete button until the edit button is pressed.
  9. Enhancement:  The Master Items Report now display "Child Items".


Hi Al, I want to thank you for the very generous donation of your TrackPro client/server Calibration Tracking Software to Stevens SPRC. We very much appreciate your willingness to support our research and educational efforts. As we discussed TrackPro will only be used in our Pharmaceutical ...

Andy Walsh
Industry Professor Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Engineering Program Stevens Institute of Technology
Mar 30, 2011
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