Al, I have been using TrackPro since 2006 and have found it extremely useful. Currently I have over 700 items in the database so keeping track of all those items is a monumental task and your software makes it a breeze. Thank you very much also for your continual support.

Carl Phillips
Proctor & Gamble
Sep 07, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an annual maintenance or subscription fee?


Do I have to pay for updates?


How do I delete old items?

The delete command button is disabled (grayed out) by default. In order to avoid confusion at a later date, it is highly recommended that you do not delete items once they have been entered. Making the item status inactive will prevent records from appearing on reports.

Administrators may enable the "Delete" command as follows:

  1. Open the Options form from the main menu (Tools | Options).
  2. Select "Delete Items" from the category list.
  3. Check the permit deletion of old items box.
  4. Click OK.

How do I move TrackPro to my new computer?

  1. Make backup copy of the trackpro.mdb file.
  2. Install the latest version of TrackPro on your new computer.
  3. Copy the backed-up copy of the trackpro.mdb file to the TrackPro user folder on the new computer.
  4. This folder may be determined by looking at userfolder entry in the userfolder.ini contained in the c:\program files\trackpro on 32-bit computers or c:\program files (x86)\trackpro on 64-bit computers.

How do you save calibration data in TrackPro?

In the absolute sense, Trackpro does not have this capability. However, there is a better alternative to saving the data in a database. The grid in the Item Links Tab may be used to store a hypertext link to a file, folder, or url. So here's what you can do:

  1. Create a template of the data structure and calculations required for each instrument in a spreadsheet.
  2. A copy of the spreadsheet can then be linked to the item in Trackpro's Form View.
  3. When required you can enter the data into the spreadsheet.

Links can be created by:

  • Entering then directly using the keyboard
  • Selecting files or folders from the common file dialog after pressing the "Browse" Command button
  • Dragging and dropping a file on to the grid.

After entering a link just click the hyperlink (blue underlined text) to open the file. The hypertext link field may contain up to 255 alphanumeric characters.

Tip: Enter a folder address such as c:\instruments\calipers\item234. When you right-click the link a Windows Explorer Window will open and display all the files in the folder.

Note: You must click the "Edit" command button prior to creating a link. To open the link you must not be in the "Edit" mode.

Are there any importing capabilities?

TrackPro does not import files from other programs. However, if you send me a copy of your data file I will determine if the data can be imported and provide an estimate of the cost.

I don't remember my password, what is it?

The default user name is Administrator, the default password is master. You should change the password immediately after installing TrackPro. If you forget your password, I will reset it for you at a nominal charge of $50.00. You will have to send me the data file so that I can reset the default password.

How can I assign multiple actions to an item?

For example let's consider an analytical balance. The balance might have the follow checks:

  • Weekly 2-point verification performed by internal personnel
  • Quarterly multipoint calibration
  • Annual service including cleaning, adjustment, and a multipoint calibration performed by the manufacturer or distributor

It should be noted that the different schedules do not have a significant relationship to each other but stand on their own and so may be tracked separately. You may want to consider designating one of the items as a "Master Item". This will permit you to easily locate related items. For example; if the balance annual service is item 10 and the quarterly calibration is item 1, put 10 in the "part of" field of item 1. Super find will then show you this relationship in hierarchical format.

How do I purchase TrackPro?

Go to the Pricing Page and order it using MasterCard, Visa, AMX or PayPal. You may also obtain a purchase order number and call Al Weisenborn at (305) 829-3437. I will supply you with the necessary unlocking codes when you call.

How can I export data from TrackPro?

Primary Method
  1. Got to the "Item List" view or any other screen that contains a grid.
  2. Sort the data items as desired.
  3. Order the columns as desired.
  4. From the Main Menu select File then click Export Grid.
  5. Your data will be exported into a comma separated values file that can be opened with an spreadsheet program or text editor.

Secondary Method

You can export the data from any TrackPro report by clicking the "Export" button Export on the report display form. You will be presented with a menu from which you may choose your format xls, pdf, doc, etc.

What happens if I want to track more items?

You may purchase tracking for additional items in increments of 150. Additional cost is 200.00 dollars per increment. See additional pricing information.

I am having trouble installing TrackPro, what's happening?

  1. If your computer is on a network, you must have "Administrator" or "Power User" rights to install TrackPro. If you don't have these rights call your network administrator for assistance.
  2. If your computer is not on a network you must log on as an Administrator.

Is TrackPro really free for small companies?

Probably, as long as you don't track more than 150 items and don't have multiple users.

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