Hello Al, Just a quick note to express that RotaDyne is very impressed with the TrackPro software system for maintenance of calibration and preventive maintenance activities. RotaDyne now has your software implemented in 4 different manufacturing sites including the UK. This system has defin...

Scott Bleier
Oct 15, 2009

TrackPro was conceived in August of 1986 as a means to keep track of the calibration schedules for Theratek International, a small medical device manufacturer. This was just one group of many details that I had to keep track of as the Quality Assurance Manager. Shortly, the software was used to track several hundred instruments.

In 1988 when better reporting capabilities were required, the application was re-written in rBase and compiled using the rBase compiler. By this time, TrackPro was keeping track of over 1000 items. The application was run and administered by the technicians that worked in metrology lab.

In 1990 I left the world of real jobs to be a consultant. My first client said he had a need for calibration and maintenance tracking software but insisted that the application be written in Paradox Application Language (PAL). Being the eager consultant, I agreed to do this. Several features were added to make it easier to keep track of maintenance and reminder items.

Over the years, TrackPro in the PAL version was used by many of my client companies. In early 1997, I took the opportunity to study Visual Basic. During my first year of Visual Basic work, I wrote two applications. In early 1998 the first version of TrackPro was completed and installed. TrackPro is was then being successfully used by several companies in Southeast Florida. During late 1999 extensive improvements were made to the support documentation and user interface leading to the potential for commercialization of TrackPro. These changes were graciously received by my growing community of users.

In January of 2000, I started making plans for marketing TrackPro on a national basis at the urging of one of my clients. TrackPro web pages went on line as part of the http://www.qsrhelp.com web site and were the first steps in that program. Now TrackPro has its own domain at http://www.trackpro.org. It is my hope that TrackPro still embodies those 1986 characteristics that made it easy to learn, easy to use and practical.