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This software is great and the customer service that Al provides is top notch. I highly recommend the use of Track Pro for your calibration system needs.
Date of Posting: 13 April 2012
Posted By: Allen Yost
OmniPhase Defense Systems
Any IT professional will tell you that a software product is only as good as the support that is provided. I can testify that TrackPro is world-class and I always receive knowledgeble support when adding new clients or upgrading our servers. I would recommend TrackPro to any organization.
Date of Posting: 20 February 2012
Posted By: Robert Galvin
Vulcan Products
May I take this opportunity to thank you for providing a most useful tool in the management of calibration records. I am a service engineer for a UK medical company and have been using your software now for about a month and am highly impressed.

All the best!
Date of Posting: 13 February 2012
Posted By: Gary A Walker
Erbe Medical UK Ltd
Thanks for the quick reply Al! Your product and product support are unmatched!
Date of Posting: 02 November 2011
Posted By: Dan Franklin
IS Manager, Kristel Displays
We have been using the TrackPro Calibration and Maintenance software for several years now. The system itself does exactly what it is designed to do and the customer service is top notch. I have recommended TrackPro to many different people within our industry.
Date of Posting: 06 July 2011
Posted By: Patrick Brumfield
Hi Al,

I want to thank you for the very generous donation of your TrackPro client/server Calibration Tracking Software to Stevens SPRC. We very much appreciate your willingness to support our research and educational efforts.

As we discussed TrackPro will only be used in our Pharmaceutical research program (SPRC) and as part of our course "Contemporary Concepts in Pharmaceutical Validation."

I have copied my Program Director, Dr. Richard Berkof and my Department Chairmen and Deputy Dean Dr. Constantin Chassapis on this email to make them aware of your generous gift.

It was a great pleasure talking with you last week, especially a ex-J&J colleague. Many thanks once again!
Date of Posting: 30 March 2011
Posted By: Andy Walsh
Industry Professor Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Engineering Program
Stevens Institute of Technology
I work for a large injection mould company in Ontario Canada that recently re-certified to the IS9001 standard and became certified to the AS9100 Aerospace standard. At audit time the external auditors were very pleased and impressed (as am I) with the attributes of the Track Pro software. We have registered this product and will continue to use it on a daily basis for all of our gauge tracking requirements. Everything we need is in this one complete package.
Date of Posting: 11 November 2010
Posted By: John Paquette

I down loaded your software and understand it is a free trial. From 1-150 items in calibration. I am sure we will get past the 150 items quickly.

My question is when we buy a single access networkable version of your software will the existing data transfer on to the networkable software or do I have to manually transfer the data?

I have been VERY impressed with your customer service and response even though this is a free trial software.

Date of Posting: 11 October 2010
Posted By: Scott Kelsey
Enigma Diagnostics
Trackpro an extremely useful tool to me in keeping track of a large quantity of scales and measurement tools that require periodic calibration.

Not only is this tool excellent, but the customer service Al provides is second to none. I had a file with corrupted data that prevented me from transferring my Trackpro system from one computer to another. Al followed up with me personally, analyzed several files I sent him, and he was able to extract my data from some backup files to resolve my problem completely with no backtracking or data re-entry by me.

A programmer that supports the software that he both creates and provides to small businesses at no cost is a real gem, and I'm very happy to have both him and his software as a resource. We use this software to keep us in compliance with ISO 9001 and 14485 standards, and it is an intuitive and effective solution.

Thanks a million, Al!
Date of Posting: 01 July 2010
Posted By: Stephen Kirkpatrick
QFC Plastics
Hello Al,
Just a quick note to express that RotaDyne is very impressed with the TrackPro software system for maintenance of calibration and preventive maintenance activities.
RotaDyne now has your software implemented in 4 different manufacturing sites including the UK.

This system has definitely brought our processes to a higher level, more efficient, and better manageable.

The technical support you offer is extremely helpful, it is comforting to know that you are only a phone call away for any support.
Date of Posting: 15 October 2009
Posted By: Scott Bleier

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